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Have you thought about your lawn today? We have! We want your lawn to look its best. We offer a few different packages for you but every lawn is different so custom packages are always available. Our complimentary lawn analysis will allow us to determine exactly what your lawn needs to perform at optimum levels.

Weed Prevention - Applied in Late April to Early May - This application is used to control weeds and crabgrass which has been challenging since the ban of chemical herbicides.  We use a professional grade product with Corn Gluten to prevent the growth of weeds.  It is extremely important to apply this product at the correct time because the product will not kill weeds, it prevents them from growing.  It is also very important that you do not apply any seed for at least 2 weeks prior and 3 weeks after this application.

Seeding - Applied as necessary - Every beautiful lawn starts with a good seed application.  Have our professional team apply an appropriate amount of seed to your lawn to produce a thick, green, healthy lawn.  Seeding can also be accompanied by a generous dose of top soil to eliminate the hard compact feel of lawns beneath your feet.  Both methods are effective but give different results.  Complete packages are available from our team and can be done at any time throughout the season but best applied in spring when we get large amounts of rain.  Seeding cannot be completed if an application of Weed Prevention has been applied as it would not allow the seeds to germinate.  Our team will discuss the options surrounding this with you.

Spring Fertilizer -Applied in May - The Spring application of fertilizer is applied to assist the root growth in coming out of dormancy faster. The Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium levels are set to go to work for your lawn. A healthy dose of weed prevent can keep weeds from growing in your lawn.

Summer Fertilizer - Applied in August - The Summer fertilizer application is applied to help in the moisture control of the lawn. It is important not only to water your lawn but not to over water. Under watering your lawn can create drought like conditions and make your lawn turn brown. Over watering can cause disease to occur as well as promote weed growth and neither one of these are beneficial to your lawn. A proper application of summer fertilizer with moisture control will ensure that your lawn is receiving the most care it can receive.

Fall Fertilizer - Applied in Late October - This application of fertilizer is referred to as wintercare. As the cooler weather that the fall brings, your lawn goes into a state of dormancy. This application is critical in the strengthening of grass roots, and storing nutrients for the colder weather the winter season brings. Nitrogen levels in the wintercare fertilizer are designed to prevent disease and most importantly keep your lawn greener. Phosphorous levels are designed to promote strong roots and assist in the control of disease and severe weather conditions. And finally the Potassium levels are engineered to tolerate extreme cold weather and assist in bringing you a healthy, green lawn in the spring.

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