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About Us


One day, when Ryan was 14, his dad gave him a lawnmower and told him to go cut the lawn. He did but he didn't stop there: he pushed that lawnmower around the neighbourhood with a trimmer in a little red wagon. That's what started Ryan's Landscaping.


So, he's always been an entrepreneur at heart. He created his own job and then worked hard to grow his business so he could also employ a team of people each season. This strong work ethic and dedication to teamwork grew from his love of sport as a kid.

"I grew up loving baseball and sport became my life. So now, I sponsor and coach a couple of local teams, so the boys in my community can enjoy that same excitement and working as part of a team."

Ryan's Landscaping also sponsors 3 racing teams to help local rookie drivers gain experience on the track at Sunset Speedway.


Ryan also insists on contributing to the economy by sourcing much of the materials he works with from other local businesses. Recently, Ryan became an Executive Director of the Bradford Board of Trade after being a member of the organization for years. He hopes in this new role, he can help build bridges between local entrepreneurs and business owners and the Town of BWG, ultimately helping other business owners thrive in their own community too.

Ryan and his wife Leanne moved to Bradford in 2003 because of its thriving sports organizations and its growing business community. They are now raising their two boys in BWG.

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Ryan's Landscaping delivered on our vision

Our interlocking patio and flagstone walkways were long overdue for an overhaul, so we contacted Ryan's Landscaping. Ryan and his dedicated crew updated the patio colours to properly match our home and leveled and redesigned the flagstone pathways. They listened to our input and modified the process along the way to fit with our vision. It was a pleasure to have the team on site and we are very happy with the end result.
We would refer Ryan's Landscaping without hesitation.
- Chuck Skitch & Dawn Forfar - Bradford